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Welcome to AMTECUM Consultancy

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We offer total solutions for company Formation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates tailored to suit your requirements, we also provide unique management consultancy, HR & Recruitment service in the UAE for new and running businesses.
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Business setup in the UAE could be a little bit confusing and complicated due to its many regulatory authorities and different types of companies.

The First Step: Is to determine your business jurisdiction (choose where your company will be established), which market will be covered, what type of ownership, and from where will you run your business

DED or mainland companies in the UAE commonly referred to as LLC Company could easily do business both domestically and internationally, but it requires a 51% partnership with a local UAE National, On the other hand UAE Free Zone companies are 100% foreign owned, and can also operate domestically and internationally, but their domestic activities are restricted to free zone areas unless you assign a local company as becoming your local distributor, or you open a mainland branch which requires a local service agent (UAE National). Offshore companies in Dubai and Ras al-Khaimah (Jabal Ali Offshore & RAK Offshore), are for businesses being operated and taking place out of the country. It could also be 100% foreign owned, but an Offshore Company cannot obtain a physical UAE Office, and its shareholders will not obtain a UAE Investor Residency Visa, You can run your UAE Offshore company from anywhere in the world.

Types of Companies in the UAE

ded mainland

DED Mainland

free zone

Free Zone



Turning your inspiring ideas into structural elements

Once you determined your business jurisdiction, our professional consultants will guide you through the legal aspects associated with your company setup and licensing related issues.

The Second Step: Is to configure your business license (Type, Activities, & Legal Structure)

License Types

The type of license is dependent on the kind of activities your business intends to be engage in. read more »

License Activities

There are more than 2,000 business activities available in Dubai, which fall into different classes and groups. read more »

License Legalities

Companies could take various legal forms depending on types, activities, number and the nationality of owners. read more »


Setting up your company
& getting you on the road to success.

As the jurisdiction of your business is determined, and your license is configured and outlined in a way that fits your business plans. The process of Setting up your company in Dubai can now take place, being easy, smooth, and faster than you could possibly imagine.

The Third Step: Is to Incorporate & Setup your Company (Getting all paper work processed)

The Initial Approval Certificate is a document which states that the government of the emirate where you desire to register your company, as well as the issuing authority from where your license will be issued (DED, Free Zone or Offshore Authorities) have no objection against yourself, your nationality, nor against your business activity and legal form, The Initial Approval Certificate records partners, legal type and activities of the licence. Additional approval might be needed from certain authorities or ministries controlling certain activities, such as the ministry of health and healthcare authorities in case of Hospitals, or Ministry of knowledge and education in case of schools and institutes… etc

  • Apply for your company name.
  • Partners will need to draft and sign a Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • In case of (DED) Company you must sign a partnership agreement with a UAE national depending on the type of his partnership (Active or Non Active Partner).
  • Preparation of share certificate, depending on the amount, value of shares, and their ownership.

All types of business in the UAE must have a physical address, either leased or owned by one or all shareholders.
Some types of activities require special approvals from the Municipality or from other certain authorities of ministries controlling those activities.
You can also choose to locate your company in an authorised business centre, in which case you do not need location-related approvals from the Municipality.

Processing your complete set of submitted documents

  • Initial Approval Certificate, & Approval From certain authorities if required
  • Trade Name Certificate
  • Personal documents (Passport, & ID)
  • Registered Tenancy Contract, including special approvals if required
  • Share Certificate, & Memorandum of Association MOA

Once the above documents are completed, the license incorporation shall begin which takes 1 – 2 weeks depending on the issuing authorities.
Note: Some authorities request that the company must have a bank account with the whole share capital deposited before the license is incorporated.

Our Advisors will guide you through the bank account opening process. We offer a wide range of banking solutions with local banks providing professional business banking standards. The procedure is smooth once all documents are available.

  • Signing of the bank account opening documents
  • Providing all necessary Due Diligence and Compliance documents
  • Compliance process for bank account opening (10-14 business days)

Online banking and company credit cards could also be done within days, and all related items could be delivered to preferred address

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