Setting up a Freezone company in UAE is a good business decision but how does one boost sales in a freezone company?

Since you cannot “directly sell” to consumers located outside the UAE Freezone so the big question is where, how and to whom do you sell?

Do you have a sales plan?

Sit down with your team and sketch a sales plan listing out your jurisdictions, and who could be your potential clients.

As a freezone company you are in all likelihood going to be selling either within the freezone jurisdiction or you be selling to local agents located in the DED Mainland or you could have setup a branch of your company and involved in direct selling.

Identifying Good Local Agents

Local agents who operate in the DED Mainland are like the face of your brand and product. So as a freezone company in Dubai or in UAE you need to establish a good network of local agents. The relationship that you establish with the local agent should result in giving your product priority on their seller list.

Selling through other Freezone Companies

As an entrepreneur you should identify other free zone companies who can use your product as an ‘add on’ to their product or service.

Branch out your company in the Free Zone

You could also possibly with the help of a professional business consultant branch your own freezone company into the DED Mainland. In this way you are sure that your products will be sold with top priority and with no strings attached.

In any case the fundamental key to great sales is that you need to convince the other company or local agent how and why your product is beneficial for their business; why should they trust your products over others; and how it will boost their business. If you have this principle grounded without boasting that your product is the best, you could possibly land up with the best sales report.

The attitude of your Sales Team

Your sales team needs to always carry a positive and winning attitude. They need to love their job and enjoy what they do. If they are just there for the salary then its pointless for them to be on the team, because without the passion to sell no team is successful. They should also realize that they are a team and a team means to support one another and the company. Hence politics and favoritism will always kill the team.

Do you conduct quality checks?

How often do you conduct quality checks on your products and services? If you are a manufacturer when was the last time you walked into the plant and simply picked up a product off the line and examined it? How often do you evaluate the data shared by sales persons and prospective clients? If these factors are missing – your sales graph can take a dip.  

For any successful business setup in Dubai especially in a UAE freezone the sales plans and presentations need to be evaluated and upgraded periodically. Clients always like to see fresh ideas and data, hence it is very important to evaluate these tools.

Adapting Latest Sales Tools

Adapting the latest sales tools is always beneficial for your sales growth. Sales tools like “piggyback sales’’ has proved to be fruitful. For example you can sponsor some related literature that your prospective buyers would love to read, and subtly insert a message to contact you.

For example if you are in the F&B sector, you can send out some literature on the latest health, diet and nutrition trends, the good foods, what experts think etc., and at the end of the message you could insert how they can contact you to know more about your products.

Relationship with Competitors?

You probably might not believe this but maintain a relationship with competitors can be beneficial at times, especially when you are falling short in quantity and cannot afford to loose out, then they could supply you the requirement or you could help them out when they are falling short.

With these tips you could possibly boost or transform  your sales strategy and witness the fruitful growth of your business in Dubai