If you are a qualified professional and want to setup your business in Dubai, you can do so by applying for a professional company. The DED Mainland authority issues this license and you can setup your business anywhere in Dubai.

When one, two or more persons enter into an agreement to offer certain services based on their qualifications then it is called a professional company setup, however, there has to be unison of their activities, which are carried out. These activities are services they offer to other businesses or individuals. There is no trading, manufacturing or industrial activities allowed under this license.

Some of the professional activities, which are covered under this license, are: –

  • Marketing and Management services
  • Event Management services
  • Architecture consultancy
  • Legal services
  • Medical services
  • IT Services
  • Technical services
  • Auditing and Accounting
  • Education

However, you do need to appoint an Emirati local service agent, who will obtain the license, visas, labour card, and this agent is paid a lump sum amount for the year but has no control over the business.

Benefits of setting up a Professional Company

  • You own 100% of the business
  • You offer professional services which include¬†artisan services
  • Your clients can be from any location in UAE or overseas
  • You are pursuing your passion
  • As an investor, you still qualify for an investor / residency visa
  • You still avail of tax benefits

If your team is more than one partner with the similar qualifications, then the company setup is called civil company. There is no need for a local partner for this setup either.

Do not miss this opportunity to pursue your dreams and passions and setup your professional company by partnering with a business setup consultant who can guide you on the entire process.